Marilyn Manson 1998-11-21

Poughkeepsie, NY - Mid-Hudson Civic Center

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Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: n/a
Type: AUD
Length: 73 min
Rating: B+
Source: n/a
Generation: n/a
Info: n/a


  • intro: "inauguration of the mechanical christ"
  • the reflecting god
  • great big white world
  • cake and sodomy
  • posthuman
  • mechanical animals
  • sweet dreams (hell outro)
  • speed of pain
  • rock is dead
  • the dope show
  • lunchbox
  • user friendly
  • i don't like the drugs (but the drugs like me)
  • rock n roll nigger
  • antichrist superstar
  • the beautiful people
  • irresponsible hate anthem

Spectrum Analysis

1998-11-21 Poughkeepsie, NY - Mid-Hudson Civic Center Audio Spectrum Analysis

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File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
CD1\01. Inauguration of the Mechanical Chirst - Reflecting God.flac4015772738.30 MBc230d09c81e506cfd572095ec5248cf0
CD1\02. Great Big White World.flac3520557133.57 MB097ad0f48ddc861ff3e504860da6cf62
CD1\03. Cake and Sodomy.flac2925186527.90 MB0012ae04617d9b3aca5270ace578baa1
CD1\04. Posthuman.flac2948724628.12 MB12a829cc2d8d0f4030b386c08a5a789a
CD1\05. Mechanical Animals.flac3396036832.39 MB6bec7d64cf69cd2314009400fe9af7af
CD1\06. Sweet Dreams (Hell Outro).flac4507473642.99 MBe432413b5d3440f1ce5cd9ddcd87c470
CD1\07. Speed of Pain.flac4130463139.39 MB7ef75f383f96ceb0c4e9a98e438254d6
CD1\08. Rock is Dead.flac2429092223.17 MB97a844acff278c773ca1bdfc05f6c9f5
CD1\09. The Dope Show.flac2548927024.31 MBa68caacf28b9d210024dfb8ae8f77987
CD2\01. Lunchbox.flac3650106834.81 MB7511f93a1f7e6e0516335696eedda8ee
CD2\02. User Friendly.flac3025482928.85 MB3b709e4760d33404669a8a1714d9d45a
CD2\03. Drug Speech.flac1324274612.63 MBbe95c274a4d92d427a32774569bcebac
CD2\04. I don't like the Drugs.flac3539317233.75 MBd7d36bfebd31ba87a014eadbaa2f1eb4
CD2\05. Rock'n Roll Nigger.flac4715781644.97 MB322270bb7f5e9d9a60d91ba50163719e
CD2\06. Antichrist Superstar.flac3718974535.47 MBe1bcf8aa3d3e1ae4d7e11044598c231d
CD2\07. The Beautiful People.flac2762095126.34 MBa3bb9b5f70543473d6039c76de264363
CD2\08. Irresponsible Hate Anthem.flac3243125930.93 MB98e3e166de163393bb2624a74c63a3da
21.11.98  Poughkeepsie, NY.md525062.45 KB20af8b8c30abecc0ab852aad4a260a8b
Source.txt553553 bytes97902ad6424d9eb341482acbdae61c80

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