Trading Rules

Depending on the situation there can be exceptions to everything, but generally these are my rules:

  • No recordings considered as "lossy sourced"
  • I do not sell anything, and messages related to buying/selling will be ignored (this is non-negotiable)
  • Online trades only (private torrent, FTP)
  • I trade shows, not discs (e.g. if a show is split into 2 DVDs for whatever reason, it's still one show)
  • I am always up for a fair deal (e.g. if a show is exceptionally short or if a disc contains multiple shows, we will find a fair solution for both of us)
  • If you contact me and we trade for the first time, you have to send first
  • Audio to video ratio is 3:1
  • I don't have artworks
  • I don't collect digicam recordings (especially if it's just a collection of clips) and cellphone recordings

Various info on lossless audio:

Further information about lossless coding:

Further information on various aspects of trading: