Marilyn Manson 1997-09-11

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Velez Sarsfield Stadium

Drummer got an electric shock at the beginning of Irresponsible Hate Anthem and concert was ended early.

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: SBD
Length: 56 min
Rating: B+
Source: SBD
Generation: n/a
Info: n/a


  • Angel With the Scabbed Wings
  • Get Your Gun
  • Cake and Sodomy
  • Dried Up, Tied and Dead To The World
  • Tourniquet
  • Tourniquet (part 2)
  • Lunchbox
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Little Horn
  • Apple of Sodom
  • Antichrist Superstar
  • Antichrist Superstar (part 2)
  • The Beautiful People
  • The Reflecting God
  • The Reflecting God (part 2)
  • Irresponsible Hate Anthem


Circulated as soundboard recording, but details are unknown. It is definitely not a rip from the pro-shot TV broadcast and of much better audio quality.

Spectrum Analysis

1997-09-11 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Velez Sarsfield Stadium Audio Spectrum Analysis

File Details

File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
01 Angel With the Scabbed Wings.flac2366495722.57 MBfb1c3b4285ae716a26dd7f1ad5070d6b
02 Get Your Gun.flac1872782817.86 MB5316426c1d95d9d8538a867140ef6dcf
03 Cake and Sodomy.flac2305776921.99 MBae4f60a7eca6e65ed99b1b44f6284389
04 Dried Up, Tied and Dead To The World.flac2673167625.49 MBe00be4ca5e00a0b2ca93acb90b07735e
05 Tourniquet.flac1835381517.50 MB0179966c156e8fc5822125c53ef5447f
06 Tourniquet (part 2).flac1531165214.60 MBe89efd66eee1175e63cff781cae9a4f5
07 Lunchbox.flac2887049327.53 MB0f6e1f82507a7f21366d3921b5941232
08 Sweet Dreams.flac2437009423.24 MBf073f3dd71fdebba072e7fe2e68c06a7
09 Little Horn.flac1646800315.71 MB069d24f46dfe33464183d6898b635601
10 Apple of Sodom.flac2481863723.67 MB8ce67e003628fe180a376cd0727f1345
11 Antichrist Superstar.flac2012245319.19 MB8aa693523102d3a5ee09e9b2fad6bc23
12 Antichrist Superstar (part 2).flac1215864111.60 MBd30fb67f4f97d2947dc2822edf258e89
13 The Beautiful People.flac2522325124.05 MBd95186d7ec29ea5d0d7cd0f01a608f5b
14 The Reflecting God.flac2582225424.63 MB6ab24e85fb3f947559e3882d4de395e4
15 The Reflecting God (part 2).flac104433189.96 MBf0ce31c1bf4d19eb169a2ebff457279f
16 Irresponsible Hate Anthem.flac89679438.55 MBff113fe7b040da7e847b9ff9fae0b4c3
fingerprint.ffp.txt10481.02 KBdb5455f24b631a6d0c24cfb1cc050930
Info.txt684684 bytesd903f30b31d1448f32056f85d43887cf
md5sum.md510601.04 KBb7e6c8d7d56cc99d540cc482b1bf5c22

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