Marilyn Manson 2015-08-14

Tokyo, Japan - Makuhari Messe (Sonicmania)

The first of two consecutive shows at Makuhari Messe, at the Sonicmania festival. Marilyn Manson also performed the following day at the same venue, but as part of the Summer Sonic festival.

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: AUD
Length: 64 min
Rating: A-
Source: COS11DPTRMs > Sony PCM-M10
Generation: WAV(M) > FLAC
Info: n/a


  • Intro
  • Deep Six
  • Disposable Teens
  • No Reflection
  • Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
  • Angel With The Scabbed Wings
  • Personal Jesus
  • The Dope Show
  • Rock Is Dead
  • Antichrist Superstar
  • The Beautiful People

Spectrum Analysis

2015-08-14 Tokyo, Japan - Makuhari Messe (Sonicmania) Audio Spectrum Analysis

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File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
00 intro.flac1573631315.01 MBcdcc32ee955b7ae13551b4f0ec804188
01 Deep Six.flac3043261029.02 MB2896f7af41e283961185bc7654ddb482
02 Disposable Teens.flac2210239121.08 MB7b4ef8f923cbcfe8fb645f16a67bcb3a
03 mOBSCENE.flac2760947126.33 MBb3672254125be45febd6ce8e878a17b7
04 No Reflection.flac2121715120.23 MBf71e0095b7438a37b9cbff40c219ce80
05 Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge.flac2935569928.00 MB569c4e83d496e7b491ef08e442c77246
06 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).flac2846789727.15 MBf8181a18a8adba584de039aaf0eaf7b4
07 Angel With The Scabbed Wings.flac3157038430.11 MB59d049c57bf93b5c4d98721682b90214
08 Personal Jesus.flac2823167826.92 MBf46604e54d6c5721e12cd5e783508329
09 The Dope Show.flac2581701924.62 MBee62cc45672546dec355f6af5c35ad97
10 Rock Is Dead.flac3024979328.85 MB68c315074ea6646abeb845370b84518d
11 Antichrist Superstar.flac2994647228.56 MB1f77aa6a2a1a64606a7ae520854f9dec
12 The Beautiful People.flac2247952521.44 MB3875ba21af755e0a9ea95913d4e5a7de
info.txt793793 bytesc55f18135bd8ac65f66d52727d52625a
Marilyn Manson 2015-08-14 Sonic Mania Makuhari Messe.md5834834 bytesbad02b47c798c63ce3568b3ebdebe8b9

other recordings of this show

* HD (NTSC1080i/AAC2.0)n/a 12 minA+Japanese TV (WOWOW Live)ISDB > TSPRO
* best/preferred recording

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