Marilyn Manson 2009-06-22

Vienne, France - Théâtre Antique

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Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: AUD
Length: 74 min
Rating: B
Source: Church Audio B-99A > Church Audio ST-20A > Iriver H340 w/ Rockbox
Generation: WAV(M) > FLAC
Info: n/a


  • Intro
  • Four Rusted Horses
  • Pretty As A Swastika
  • Disposable Teens
  • Irresponsible Hate Anthem
  • The Love Song
  • Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon
  • PA interlude: Abuse, Part 1 (There Is Pain Involved)
  • Leave A Scar
  • PA interlude: Fuck Frankie
  • Great Big White World
  • The Dope Show
  • WOW
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  • Rock 'n Roll Nigger
  • If I Was Your Vampire
  • The Beautiful People


slightly brickwalled, distant sound

Spectrum Analysis

2009-06-22 Vienne, France - Théâtre Antique Audio Spectrum Analysis

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01-Intro.flac1332861812.71 MBc185c1c2f5a0cd968dbb57fefed324e3
02-Four Rusted Horses.flac3036614828.96 MB6e7c00ae24a691552b8f3b8a9f66669c
03-Pretty As A Swastika.flac1882109517.95 MBb710f1002feb1bde1ae8c4114f07dcd9
04-Disposable Teens.flac2267511221.62 MB10fcd734a37fa21278a8bf9c0363d261
05-Irresponsible Hate Anthem.flac2887931727.54 MB1ce42652ba230bbc409fda43f366e396
06-The Love Song.flac2607270324.86 MB3f39a9d9325351cc1299a45b8c78ea5f
07-Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon.flac2789562626.60 MB121f13d1e3c1b3c7eaa69d2cec056752
08-Leave A Scar.flac3047759429.07 MBa9cf252ea7672f6c12d651670a293e3b
09-Great Big White World.flac3693354135.22 MB8587eb3952efb692b8c39b7b1f51c03c
10-The Dope Show.flac2770273926.42 MBdca99e078e41f26a3b473bfdb0f780a1
11-WOW.flac2983725228.46 MB6eef496371b6bc87e5169aead9b89d2f
12-Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).flac2131987720.33 MB4eb93fca78f463c07e14d75bf1cd0515
13-Rock 'n Roll Nigger.flac3917304037.36 MBeebc799b0826522e866508e0a4c43f3b
14-Encore.flac100689689.60 MBa51714e31d59d774f4dc66f2a9c22e64
15-If I Was Your Vampire.flac4098725639.09 MB9af6d097b9aba35672a4e1ca8fddb85c
16-The Beautiful People.flac3152787930.07 MBa27557350eb2b6d170acc6c55a3ec0c9
info.txt14311.40 KB3641a240f258734d207853a80260eb93
Marilyn Manson - 2009-06-22 - Théâtre Antique, Vienne, France.md511341.11 KBa43fab1bf64e6cf482e17154faa94488

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* DVD (NTSC16:9/DD2.0)1 52 minA-VID(M) > DVDRcenter camAUD
* DVD (PAL/LPCM)1 77 minA+DV(M) > DVDR(3)left camAUD
* best/preferred recording

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