Marilyn Manson 1997-08-24

Reading, UK - Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival)

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: AUD
Length: 44 min
Rating: B
Source: Sony WM-GX506 w/ supplied stereo mic
Generation: CS(1) > FLAC
Info: n/a


  • Intro / Angel With The Scabbed Wings
  • Get Your Gunn
  • Cake And Sodomy
  • Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World
  • Tourniquet
  • Lunchbox
  • Sweet Dreams
  • The Beautiful People
  • Rock'n'Roll Nigger (with jonathan davis of korn)


Got the master copy from the taper in nov. 2007, transferred by me to flac on nov. 30 2007.

I added some bonus footage that I got as well:
BBC Radio 1 interviews
1998-09-25 (7min)
1998-10-08 (3min)
1998-11-09 (1min)
1999-03-17 (1min)

Spectrum Analysis

1997-08-24 Reading, UK - Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival) Audio Spectrum Analysis

File Details

File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
mm1997-08-24ffp.txt612612 bytes4c918c0f63e5a9122bf2e2790202f346
mm1997-08-24info.txt733733 bytesf5b60543e1a79e08d43217e60190ddef
mm1997-08-24t01.flac1438913113.72 MB0b13ac0195bfa239c41bd907b6db72b6
mm1997-08-24t02.flac2311046522.04 MB95e247801e2ef5c06f2128cb7e15a3ab
mm1997-08-24t03.flac2062069319.67 MB09b14cebf6b169a3f72aa8c5cf774713
mm1997-08-24t04.flac2654143925.31 MB45d40a275acaa44d07fd455865f956f9
mm1997-08-24t05.flac2858286727.26 MBe55f78324171c5c887ed257b2019b050
mm1997-08-24t06.flac3435456032.76 MB0a2fe6eb98b364cab313327bb7928cdc
mm1997-08-24t07.flac3420010132.62 MBd4ca1ec94ecb5d02fa1eca5477047f3c
mm1997-08-24t08.flac3282487331.30 MBcebcec7fe55afa4abeea7664e203f9c8
mm1997-08-24t09.flac2960105028.23 MBfa2b5a3ec83b7a7979b5162b023974ce
mm1997-08-24t10.flac3930161937.48 MB6a672d6c75e09b39c6ac6bfcc04cb667
mm1998radio1interviews.flac7101883567.73 MBe08e70a4a6bcf9d5c06e6bcb03bc4312

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* DVD (NTSC/DD2.0)1 42 minA-VID(M) > DVDR > SC > DVDRAUD
* DVD (NTSC/DD2.0)1 12 minA+TVVHS(1) > DVDRPRO
* best/preferred recording

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