Marilyn Manson 1990-xx-xx

Miami, FL - SYNC Studios

Marilyn Manson (vocals), Daisy Berkowitz (guitar, drum machine), Gidget Gein (bass), Madonna Wayne Gacy (keyboards)

Produced by Scott Putesky
Engineered by Ralph Cavallaro
2nd engineer: Tony Schreiber

Much thanks to Joe Disano, Scott David, Trent Reznor, Bob Slade, Glenn Richards, Richard Kent, our girls and all of you who have supported our boundless perversity.

All recorded work by Manson and Daisy -- while Gidget was present at two of the three sessions, he did not contribute to any of the recordings.

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: DEMO
Length: 31 min
Rating: A-
Source: n/a
Generation: CS(low) > FLAC
Info: Big Black Bus


  • 01 White Knuckles
  • 02 My Monkey
  • 03 Strange Same Dogma
  • 04 Red (In My) Head
  • 05 Hotline Messages


The first four tracks are taken from an original professionally duplicated cassette of the Gagfish Records "Someone Sung These Songs For Satan" compilation. Gagfish had original copies of this demo, so that would make this 2nd or 3rd generation, depending on his mastering process.

The Hotline Messages are taken from a different, lower quality copy of the cassette, with volume adjusted in Soundforge.

Spectrum Analysis

1990-xx-xx Miami, FL - SYNC Studios Audio Spectrum Analysis

File Details

File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
01 White Knuckles.flac1733915616.54 MBf0e7ec9a8e9bcc4bf31b077c8cd923f5
02 My Monkey.flac2989144828.51 MB384ade45ae1172be571e2323ebd16b39
03 Strange Same Dogma.flac2774942726.46 MB5b8134ec1cfee778c8b47dd3d053fa74
04 Red (In My) Head.flac3283231531.31 MB85f71cb3ebde402c0e30bb533d5c855e
05 Hotline Messages.flac8414278480.24 MB261eb2753cd57c6994e4b4e5b456d899
bbb1.jpg9914296.82 KB7ac20dcec0163cf8b8b636f908e90e9f
bbb2.jpg107633105.11 KBc041ae017989650ba634deb90a7e7e48
bbbf1.jpg7738175.57 KBc49e3d4e83b167b2d9ac951ec38b0f3d
bbbf2.jpg6356762.08 KB1a20835d3bcfe8f59fc3b862e34c625e
folder.jpg3507134.25 KBf70b853448789dde7460c2ed1fbf61cf
info.txt761761 bytes1c7f711c8273866aa05424d5b316a136

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