Marilyn Manson 1995-01-24

Slidell, LA - The Snakepit

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: n/a
Type: AUD
Length: 57 min
Rating: A
Source: -Ejacula- Silver CD
Generation: CD(M) > FLAC
Info: -> 1995-01-11


  • Organ Grinder
  • Cyclops
  • Get Your Gunn
  • Dope Hat
  • Wrapped In Plastic
  • White Knuckles
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Snake Eyes And Sissies
  • Dogma
  • Down In The Park
  • My Monkey
  • Lunchbox
  • Misery Machine
  • Misery Machine (continued)
  • Rock N Roll Nigger


Circulated as recording of unknown source, it is actually a copy of the misdated "Ejacula" bootleg CD. The correct date is 1995-01-11 Houston, TX AUD lossless (CD(M) > CDR > FLAC, -Ejacula- Silver CD, source #1).

Spectrum Analysis

1995-01-24 Slidell, LA - The Snakepit Audio Spectrum Analysis

File Details

File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
01-24-95 extraction info.LOG27642.70 KBdf2c2163203cd6c8924aa6cac59325e6
Marilyn Manson 01.24.95 Slidell LA.md5922922 bytesfbeb476d54f8c62e6564a75ebdbf6bea
Slidell LA 01-24-95 Info.txt649649 bytesbb24238a9a9e715cb6b0dd3709881dc2
Track01.flac3172854230.26 MBf4b0857ccf1900c6e8b9701ecce09d3e
Track02.flac2504874323.89 MBec325e91fbf2c16924faf9b7241a7812
Track03.flac2628473025.07 MBafdeb987f8d13c5c43c110c335713a26
Track04.flac2955732028.19 MB5ce93ad85e7971381c90b6939cdc748c
Track05.flac3578904534.13 MBb246825ca7c7645ac43b0ae8f80d5c27
Track06.flac1588872715.15 MB0bfea5f6d3d1115341813e11ad339a05
Track07.flac2723434125.97 MBc7e24ffa2c11aff6dd39ead9ff5052fb
Track08.flac2991439728.53 MB4817fe6a0228d0f1b959d54227ff3dcf
Track09.flac2264713921.60 MB61a11b7e79a78d5497c983ee707bdde1
Track10.flac3635085634.67 MB7321fbcc439edece724bf746fa4d3308
Track11.flac2898173327.64 MBf6830be84581658f435f83073b097e8b
Track12.flac3337475831.83 MB2aeb387f1e81722599705dfcfce7dd41
Track13.flac1557280514.85 MBda44d6867a9b4d5273c12fa1185b923b
Track14.flac2802431226.73 MB02b272f7fc2d8beda052f9c9f4f65375
Track15.flac3519847433.57 MB0a005f04ecbf061579eea367d4ec2a5b

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