Marilyn Manson 1997-02-04

Lubbock, TX - Fair Park Coliseum

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Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: n/a
Type: AUD
Length: 64 min
Rating: D
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  • intro
  • angel with the scabbed wings
  • get your gunn
  • dogma
  • dried up, tied, & dead to the world
  • tourniquet
  • lunchbox
  • sweet dreams
  • cake and sodomy
  • little horn
  • cryptorchid
  • antichrist superstar
  • the beautiful people
  • the reflecting god
  • irresponsible hate anthem
  • the man that you fear

Spectrum Analysis

1997-02-04 Lubbock, TX - Fair Park Coliseum Audio Spectrum Analysis

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File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
01. Intro.flac1586311015.13 MB8b9663fe619354ab33de22e1939e7924
02. Angel with the scabbed Wings.flac1955703218.65 MB2b44e5a3563d4cc8807bebb8795a4000
03. Get your Gunn.flac1908585318.20 MB4e628732672b3c6a962ef2f082cac1e6
04. Dogma.flac1979946018.88 MB3de29a9747c4c8c71ecda05fb67dcdb5
05. Dried up, tied and dead to the World.flac2542944824.25 MBe08de5a4e01862857b42e6662d067bcc
06. Tourniquet.flac2736264126.10 MB618d7bf2174682cd9d7e04042fe6bc31
07. Lunchbox.flac2806779226.77 MBe765866ffdf6eb8a834bf00ba8e9e587
08. Sweet Dreams.flac1698784616.20 MB804d136cf49db3c5b46969605a4912a2
09. Cake and Sodomy.flac64417046.14 MB245daa738323e4a172970614bb2ce4b5
10. Little Horn.flac1653592915.77 MBace781c2e4055bb6f6ed8ad3abcf6134
11. Cryptorchid.flac1688234716.10 MB024919bafe869bce5aec5a29b4d5a035
12. Antichrist Superstar.flac3123613629.79 MB117283beb0b65229136912c389a1d0ae
13. The Beautiful People.flac2957177428.20 MB8eff486cbd59c47cb82279ae54f88043
14. Reflecting God.flac4573982243.62 MB13a09e46ccc11eae4ef79f1139e47725
15. Irresponsible Hate Anthem.flac3716214035.44 MB3e3b44995ee606a3ae2143972a711ebe
16. Man that your fear.flac4075428938.87 MBabbdf9c86341ab80d0fc03952f383205
1997-02-04 Lubbock, Texas.md520542.01 KB7f9c0a4006abe74954fc3badb20a7d24
Source.txt.txt431431 bytes3a605e32c839523b2f6b01c099dd5818

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