Marilyn Manson 1997-09-17

Mexico City, Mexico - Palacio De Los Deportes

This show is the last night of the Antichrist Superstar "Dead To The World" '96-'97 Tour. This is also Zim Zum's last performance, concert wise, with the band (MTV VMA's excluded). According to Manson's autobiography, Twiggy bashed his hand open while smashing his bass. Because of the hand injury, Twiggy reportedly couldn't play bass during "Irresponsible Hate Anthem".

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: AUD
Length: 62 min
Rating: C+
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  • 01 Angel With The Scabbed Wings
  • 02 Get Your Gunn
  • 03 Cake & Sodomy
  • 04 Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World
  • 05 Tourniquet / Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix
  • 06 Lunchbox
  • 07 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  • 08 Little Horn
  • 09 Apple Of Sodom
  • 10 Antichrist Superstar
  • 11 The Beautiful People
  • 12 The Reflecting God
  • 13 The Reflecting God (Continued)
  • 14 Irresponsible Hate Anthem


Each song fades in at the beginning and fades out at the end, therefore eliminating most of the crowd noise / inbetween song banter. Some songs sound slightly better than others, and it's quite possible that this is sourced from the video of the same quality.

Spectrum Analysis

1997-09-17 Mexico City, Mexico - Palacio De Los Deportes Audio Spectrum Analysis

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mm1997.09.17t01.flac1719973016.40 MB6f74f919ce098a61bf56b4b7e2acf98f
mm1997.09.17t02.flac1585285815.12 MB54b7baf608485496059054dad6a57954
mm1997.09.17t03.flac2049597619.55 MBf62f3ca04b7b705f95e3ad452b8840b0
mm1997.09.17t04.flac2136028720.37 MB832b6e8e33ce95e3cae6c205872f3562
mm1997.09.17t05.flac3834538036.57 MB7166da0d28c8e1fa57f406dc9b35573d
mm1997.09.17t06.flac2503384223.87 MB6670239a65451ae05c7cc590aee17232
mm1997.09.17t07.flac2397373222.86 MB5dd50c2c5e8534cfe5db69e11be247f9
mm1997.09.17t08.flac1993114919.01 MB3864a5f53f097d471e4e3ec67b8f4a92
mm1997.09.17t09.flac2429080323.17 MB4fa2695a59c090920ddf714567f8a6c4
mm1997.09.17t10.flac2304132621.97 MB25f40badead2b5756b14bf3f380907f4
mm1997.09.17t11.flac2778241426.50 MB5a975ff188ecf35832f4c5ac9cfec5f1
mm1997.09.17t12.flac2341890922.33 MB204fc62c6bbf818573a0cfadd2702af1
mm1997.09.17t13.flac97196589.27 MBd809f279a040a1a749efa1ba2ce0e256
mm1997.09.17t14.flac2293838921.88 MBf94d729cfe2b9b8092cf2f1054bb1753

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