Marilyn Manson 2007-06-13

Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena

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Media Format: DVD (PAL/DD2.0)
Media Count: 1
Type: AUD
Length: 86 min
Rating: B+
Source: DCR-TRV255
Generation: DV(M) > DVDR(3)
Info: n/a


  • Intro
  • If I Was Your Vampire
  • Disposable Teens
  • You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
  • Irresponsible Hate Anthem
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Putting Holes In Happiness
  • Just a Car Crash Away
  • Rock is Dead
  • Heart-Shaped Glasses
  • Tainted Love
  • The Dope Show
  • Great Big White World
  • The Fight Song
  • The Beautiful People
  • The Nobodies


Good shot, but the transfer is analog and very very bad (low bitrate), the picture is full of mpeg artefacts and pixellated at times. That's a pity and makes it a pain to watch.


2007-06-13 Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena Screenshot 12007-06-13 Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena Screenshot 22007-06-13 Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena Screenshot 32007-06-13 Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena Screenshot 42007-06-13 Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena Screenshot 5

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VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.BUP7372872.00 KBa4d13de7e35d5d83186aaad99cc779ff
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO7372872.00 KBa4d13de7e35d5d83186aaad99cc779ff
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB341573632325.75 MBa55645ba2b4fc12d1af478e8e4307827
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB341573632325.75 MB73c4d0c1ad69563b20bc04d8b1c0449d
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_3.VOB341573632325.75 MB8f5d8993b839f483deb6449fa70b3f0b
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_4.VOB341573632325.75 MBb568c8980de1b2002d0d267b33e7646a
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_5.VOB341573632325.75 MB2259f226b1a13473c9d15337681e81f3
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_6.VOB341573632325.75 MB55f635ec5aed57dfe7251ed57a1157d6
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_7.VOB341573632325.75 MB8182b9bbb391080a66e3bf4ed393808f
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_8.VOB341573632325.75 MB96f673b093b35adcf44443a412e315dd
VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_9.VOB341698560325.87 MB1d49d3e5f474aa5539de8a5a030b374f

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