Marilyn Manson 2000-11-24

New York City, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom

Recording Details

Media Format: lossless (FLAC16/44.1)
Media Count: 1
Type: AUD
Length: 60 min
Rating: B
Source: MD
Generation: n/a
Info: n/a


  • intro1: diamanda galas "the lord is my shepard"
  • intro2: "count to six and die"
  • irresponsible hate anthem
  • the death song
  • disposable teens
  • great big white world
  • tourniquet
  • the fight song
  • my monkey > lunchbox
  • rock is dead
  • the dope show
  • cruci-fiction in space
  • burning flag
  • sweet dreams (hell outro)
  • valentine's day (cut)
  • the love song (cut)


The last 2 tracks on this recording are incomplete and have skips. Comparing the tracklist with the next day's set it's assumable that 3 tracks are missing at the end.

Spectrum Analysis

2000-11-24 New York City, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom Audio Spectrum Analysis

File Details

File nameSize (in bytes)SizeMD5 checksum
2000.11.24 New York NY.md5720720 bytes01a6fbe356f737a6ff7208933ab1c072
Track01.flac2479160123.64 MB654e622c2117053b3a2a11c95f679e38
Track02.flac2936765628.01 MB6dd3a00338c1483ad00c3bd4cda8b0f2
Track03.flac2809284526.79 MBcd39e6f7c3719905b10f0d02821df6d0
Track04.flac2460870923.47 MB705aeb0d7d1cd43c5abe66a694913f2e
Track05.flac4014648738.29 MBa1f54ed5f0abcb5f1d2cc56ec970e5ab
Track06.flac4039632738.52 MB55bda3a2f24a91c296e886c86cefb4e5
Track07.flac3920897337.39 MB864d1b031c5cab7fae01d63726fd73d0
Track08.flac94416149.00 MBa55b2544014321490508a236cab51fe4
Track09.flac5448143451.96 MBbc017e9b245edb4fcaf420bc8d5c1a59
Track10.flac2652870125.30 MB2d83a7994c53f980f76f2ab703619268
Track11.flac3025037128.85 MB33d82827b50ebe482846572e4eaf2040
Track12.flac3947671837.65 MB7d7a74f488996ab5d375ce03ba93c58c
Track13.flac2856279927.24 MBe60de91f4b6d4762d35724ac700b28dc
Track14.flac2938388228.02 MB5f38d6bdc036df7ef9f638ddc3a19ff5
Track15.flac2671549225.48 MB0d95d0477c27051131d3754e61620246

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